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Calvert Leads Effort to Facilitate Ontario Airport Transfer

January 14, 2016

By Liset Marquez, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Future passengers at L.A./Ontario International Airport may help pay off the cost for the two terminals.

Los Angeles officials made reimbursement of the $120 million spent to build the terminals in the late 1990s a condition of returning the airport to local ownership. Ontario agreed to do so as part of the deal announced last July. But federal law currently prohibits the transfer of so-called passenger facility charges between airports.

Calvert legislation would add requirements for Syrian, Iraqi refugees

December 28, 2015

By Ripon Advance News Service

The Secure Accountability for Emigres and Refugees (SAFER) Act was recently introduced by U.S. Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA) to add requirements to the Syrian and Iraqi refugee security vetting process.

The legislation – H.R. 4291 – builds upon the SAFE Act (H.R. 4038), passed by the House on Nov. 19. Security agencies are empowered by the SAFE Act to set strict requirements for entry as refugees. It also halts such admissions until standards are set.

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Obama’s Last State of the Union

January 12, 2016

Americans listened to President Obama’s final State of the Union address this evening, but nothing he said tonight changes what they have experienced first-hand over the past seven years. The President’s failed policies have led to a stagnant economy, more expensive healthcare for the middle-class, emboldened our enemies and created a more dangerous world.

‘War on terror’ comes to the Inland Empire

December 22, 2015

I recently wrote the op-ed below about the dangers of violent Islamic extremists and how we must work to bring about their demise.The American people, the free world and the violent Islamic extremists around the globe need to see President Obama take a forceful, aggressive approach to winning this war. 

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Your personal information will remain confidential and will only be used in the ways in which you have requested