On The Issues: Where I Stand

As a former small business owner, I know what it’s like to sign the front of a paycheck and how much those paychecks mean to hardworking families. I will continue to support policies that create jobs and grow wages.

I supported tax cuts because you deserve to keep more of your hard-earned money. I also voted to eliminate job-killing red-tape so American businesses can better compete in the global economy. These votes resulted in bonuses, higher wages, and investments to expand small businesses.

I created E-Verify through legislation and I’m leading the effort in Congress to make its use mandatory nationwide. The only way to fix our broken immigration system is by restoring the rule of law, securing our border, and having a functional immigration system that ensures people come to America legally.

We need a healthcare system that gives families more options to find care that fits their needs. We don’t need a government-run system that puts medical decisions in the hands of D.C. bureaucrats who would ration care.

I want to solve our traffic congestion challenges by expanding our roads and improving our region’s work/housing imbalance.  Let’s take the money being wasted on the high-speed rail project and re-direct it to transportation projects that will ease congestion now.

We must keep Americans safe from all threats. I support confronting threats to our national security before they impact us at home. I stand with law enforcement who does an extraordinary job. I am committed to providing for our military and honoring our promises to veterans.